The advantages of LED are as follows:


1. LED uses low voltage power supply, supply voltage is between DC 3-24V, few is DC 36V and DC 40V based on the differences of products. So it is much safer than using high voltage power supply. 


2. LED reduces about 80% energy consumption of the same luminous efficacy compared with incandescent light and about 40% energy consumption compared with energy saving lamp.


3. The volume of LED is very small, every unit LED is a square of 3-5mm, so it can be made as different device and it is suitable for mutable environment.


4. The response time of incandescent light is millisecond class while LED is nanosecond class.


5. LED doesn’t contain poisonous metal like mercury, etc.


6. The life span of LED is as long as 100K hours if under proper voltage and electric current.